LAST BREATH's Audience Reviews

LAST BREATH has had some great reactions from the press, but nothing beats the reactions from audiences and that’s what it’s all about!
We’ve been inundated by the most amazing (and hilarious) responses to the film. We’ve picked a few of our favourites here:

“I literally cannot even believe what I just saw. Never in my life have I seen a documentary done like this before – it is hands down the best one I’ll ever see on this type of subject matter… I couldn’t even move and I seriously felt like I couldn’t breathe either. I am shocked right now. Brilliant.”
– Gabriela Duran

“Wow amazing, bit my nails off…”
– Ceri Hurlow

Jupiter sized balls.
– Ερικ Γκραντ

“What an incredible story. Such heroism. Nothing short of a miracle.”
– Greg Lumpkin

“If you’re a diver and have ever been involved in a diver emergency you have to watch this. Holy Cow!!!!”
– Walt Goggans

– Kenneth Chua

“Watching now, well sort of, can’t bear to watch but watching. OMG gripping!”
– Melissa Kowalewicz

“I was a diver on the North Sea oil rigs in the seventies and this movie had me on the edge of my seat. Truly breath-taking! An incredible account of an incredible event. Hats off to everyone involved.”
– PJ Probert

“Glued to it from the start to the end.”
– Tony Lloyd

“Absolutely amazing documentary! Had me hooked from the very beginning!”
– Anne Marie Shaw

“One of the most panic inducing documentaries I’ve ever watched. For someone who is scared of open water, this film magnified my fears. A must see, a must watch. Great film.”
– Leigh Rose

“Watched this last night and felt like I held my breath throughout the documentary. What an incredible man, and his team.”
– Ali Ullyott

“One of the best and most intense documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. Would definitely recommend everyone watch it!”
– Derek Hopkins

“Incredible!!! My emotions are all over the place and there’s still 20 minutes to go!”
– Kaaran Moody

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