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The New York Times’ recently featured LEFTOVER WOMEN via an Op-Doc entitled SINGLE IN CHINA following the film’s
PBS Independent Lens release in the US

The New York Times’ short version of the feature-length documentary details the story of Qiu Hua Mei (Stephanie), a successful lawyer and opinionated woman who is forced to go on a grueling quest in search of a husband to quell her family’s hopes and China’s societal pressure.

NYT’s Op-Docs is a forum for short, opinionated documentaries by independent filmmakers. Directors Shosh Shlam and Hilla Media present their piece and highlight the recent aggressive campaign by the Chinese government to pressure women into marriage by deeming them “Sheng nu” (“leftover”).

Audience reviews for the Op-Doc have been thoughtful and moving:

“I recommend everyone watch it to see how a government’s one size fits all approach affects each of the women profiled. One would hope we come away with a renewed belief in the rights of individuals to choose their own path through life.”
– Michijim, Michigan

“My heart breaks for Qiu Huamei. The look of despair and sadness as she was on the receiving end of the lecture from the interviewer was so demoralizing for her. But Ms. Huamei shines through at the end as an accomplished lawyer and a person in her own right.”
– Bill C., Maryland

“This is so disturbing and so powerful.”
– Susan, Boston

“My heart breaks. What a sad commentary on a young, bright, beautiful, educated woman (quietly) standing up for herself. It appears as though she is open to being in a relationship, but is unwilling to settle. Thank goodness!”
– Golly, Texas

Watch the NYT Op-Doc here.


For more on LEFTOVER WOMEN see here.


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