SHOOTING THE MAFIA wins at Biografilm Festival

Shooting the Mafia - SHOOTING THE MAFIA wins at Biografilm Festival

Kim Longinotto’s and Lunar Pictures’ SHOOTING THE MAFIA wins Guerilla Award at
Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives 2019.

Sicilian Letizia Battaglia began a lifelong battle with the Mafia when she first dared to point her camera at a brutally slain victim. Exposing the Cosa Nostra’s violence, she bore unflinching witness to their crimes and has led a life continually defined by defiance and passion.

The film, which had its World Premiere at Sundance in January, won the Guerrilla Staff Award at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, Italy. This award is assigned by the Guerilla Staff volunteers to their most beloved film of the edition. Letizia Battaglia also took home the Celebration of Lives Award, an award previously won by Clint Eastwood, Marina Abramovic, the Coppola family, and many others.

Director Kim Longiontto and Producer Niamh Fagan joined Letizia Battaglia in Bologna, and Kim sent us this lovely update:

“The Biografilm Festival was wonderful. Festival Director, Andrea Romero, did a talk with Letizia at night on a lit stage in the town square. The square was packed, and people kept coming and standing in rows at the edge, transfixed.  They showed clips from the film. Letizia, all in black with her pink hair, talked with great passion and conviction. Afterwards, people thronged round her. It was like a rock concert. They had to put her in a cordoned off area and people took photos of her and said they loved her. She’s getting the recognition she deserves.”


SHOOTING THE MAFIA Poster 724x1024 - SHOOTING THE MAFIA wins at Biografilm Festival