IKE TX square 2 1024x1024 - UK TV Premiere of THE CHANGIN’ TIMES OF IKE WHITE

Tune in for the UK TV Premiere of THE CHANGIN’ TIMES OF IKE WHITE on Monday, 18 May, at 10:00PM on BBC FOUR.

Released in 1976, Changin’ Times was an extraordinary album recorded in extraordinary circumstances — a commercial album recorded inside an American prison. The artist was Ike White, a music prodigy, locked up inside from the age of 19, serving life for murder.

With never-before-seen archive, the film charts Ike’s journey from prison and industry adulation to life as a free man, and a subsequent reinvention of himself as a performer for hire called David Maestro.

Director Dan Vernon and producer Vivienne Perry spent 18 months tracking down this virtuoso musician, asking the question: Who is Ike White? What follows is a fascinating story full of colourful characters, false identities, and the price of forgiveness.

THE CHANGIN‘ TIMES OF IKE WHITE previously celebrated its World Premiere at Camden International Film Festival 2019 and received the Special Jury Award at SeeYouSound Film Festival 2020.

The film, produced by Rachel Hooper of Erica Starling Productions, is a BBC Arena commission, supported by Northern Ireland Screen, in association with NDR, SVT,VPRO, DR, NRK, YLE, Movistar+ and Channel 8.

Airdate: Monday, 18 May 2020 at 10:00pm on BBC Four.


For more, visit the film’s page.


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